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We appreciate your Support!

We are excited about the opportunity to have you partner with us in "Building Healthy Leaders & Communities."
Through partners like you we are able to underwrite 80% of the cost of the program for our participants. Visit our "why DLI?" page or send us a message on our "contact" page to learn more about the impact we are having on front line leaders from across the city.


The fiscal sponsor for the DLI project is Global Service Associates (GSA). One of GSA's very purpose is to be the fiscal sponsor for projects and initiatives like DLI. One of the guiding values of DLI is to be an effort that is not about a single church, organization, or individual. Utilizing GSA as the fiscal agent assists in maintaining this city-owned (neutral) status.
GIVE BY CHECK:  If you choose to give by check please make it out to:  Denver Leadership Initiative and mail to: P.O. Box 20425, Boulder, Colorado 80308.
For checks intended as DONATIONS:  enter "DLI Donation" in the memo line.
For checks sent in for DLI Core (Cohort) Program:  enter "DLI Fee" in the memo line.
For GOLF TOURNAMENT: enter "DLI Golf Tourney" in the memo line,
IMPORTANT:  For DLI Core (Cohort) Program registration fee please pay only by CHECK.
GIVE ONLINE: Click the button below and you will be redirected to the Global Service Associates website. You can also make payments toward upcoming events.  IMPORTANT:  For DLI Core (Cohort) Program registration fee please pay only by CHECK.
For online DONATIONS:  enter "DLI Donation" in the "gift notes" box.
For online PARTICIPANT FEES:  enter "DLI Fee" in the "gift notes" box.
For online GOLF TOURNAMENT: enter "DLI Golf Tourney" in the "gift notes" box.
Thank You!
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