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A thousand voices clamor for your time and attention. One voice is whispering an invitation, "Come away with me."

Mark 6:31

A Time for Battle and a Time for Retreat

Jesus Prays in a Quiet Place (Mark 1:35-36)

We read that often Jesus would retreat to the mountains and quiet places to pray and be with his Father. Yet, as leaders in ministry we are so quick to step out of one battle and move right into the next one. We find it difficult to recognize our need for those times (DAYS) for retreat. And even if we do recognize the need, we find it hard to clear our calendar for a day or more to be still before our heavenly Father.

We invite you to join with us as we step aside from the battle for a few days during the year to be quiet before our loving father. We provide some simple guidance and a booklet to assist you during your time of solitude. 

   Why We Retreat...

Sat on the Rocks

Understanding our life as a transformational journey of becoming our true self in God.

Mystical Lake

Developing a balanced rhythm of life that enables us to be aware of the holy in all of life.

Devote Woman

Increasing communion with God, to be awake to His indwelling presence.

Coming soon 2024 retreat dates

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