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A Special Thanks to All Who Attended!

Safe & Productive Feedback Environments 


October 29th, 2015  9:00 AM - Noon

Confluence Ministries

1400 Quitman St., Denver, CO  80204

 Fall 2015 Workshop

(Post Workshop Survey Below)


Dr. Steve DelCastillo
We would like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to those who attended the Denver Leadership Initiative workshop, Safe and Productive Feedback Environments!  We hope that you enjoyed this time and found the content of the workshop to be helpful for use in your church or ministry organization.  We want to continue the dialogue about encouraging feedback in our ministry environments, because its a topic that should stay in the forefront of every ministry!  In the weeks to come, we would love to hear from you personally, on your experience in implementing safe and productive feedback environments at your own place of ministry.  Please email your stories to and we would be happy to share them with our community of friends that attended the workshop!


Please take a moment and complete our anonymous post-workshop survey below.  Your feedback will help us to improve future experiences with DLI.


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