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Considering being a participant in the next DLI class? 


What are the benefits of participating in the Denver Leadership Initiative?

  1. Personal Development: In the busyness of ministry life, what is the first thing dropped - personal/professional development.  This initiative provides the framework, content and commitment to grow as a follower of Christ and as a leader in your ministry calling.

  2. New Relationships: When in ministry we often think the last thing we need is more relationships.  However, most leaders are busy “leading”, but are lacking safe transparent relationships with peers where there is no ministry agenda other than being built up and encouraged.

  3. Develop Your Leadership Capacity:  If you have ever experienced being a new parent, you are typically confronted with how little you know and, in turn, end up winging it. Same thing is true often for ministry leaders where it is just assumed that we know exactly how to lead. Your leadership capacity will be expanded and you will have the opportunity to both learn and practice what you learn throughout the year.

  4. Experience Breakthrough: You will have an opportunity to FINALLY deal with that breakthrough area that you have been thinking about for so long. Whether you set up steps to align yourself better in ministry to the calling God has given you, make life changes so you can spend more time with your family, or apply to attend school, each participant will have the opportunity to 1) establish a personal breakthrough plan and 2) get the support needed to see your plan put into action.


Are you a fit for DLI?

  1. We strive for diversity: One of the intentionality’s (prayers) of DLI is that the Lord would gather a very diverse group of ministry leaders from across the city. In this diversity of gender, race, age, ministry experience, neighborhoods, and ministry positions (from lay leaders to senior pastors) we learn and grow. Do not filter yourself out of DLI by mistake when you may be the very missing piece of the assembly that the Lord is putting together. 

  2. DLI is about our city: Do you call Denver “my city”? My community? DLI is about the body of Christ in the “Denver area”, our city. Are you a ministry leader in the “Denver area”? Then DLI might be a fit for you.

  3. Are you a ministry leader? DLI is for leaders who have at least two years of experience in either overseeing a ministry effort and/or leading a ministry team. If you are currently in transition and not leading at this specific time, but fully anticipate that your life path will once again involve ministry leadership, then DLI may still be a fit.

  4. Building healthy leaders: The central purpose of DLI is about building healthy leaders in our city. Leaders who are a “fit” for DLI are those that are ready to enter into a season of seeking the Lord, and letting their hearts be known in an open and honest community of believers. And doing so with the expectation of God growing the unity of the body of Christ in our city.


What would your participation require?

  1. DLI does take a commitment: The design of DLI is one where you don’t have to stop ministry.  However you likely will have to carve out some things in your schedule and go into it with a firm commitment before the Lord. The basic commitments for a DLI participant are a once a month 3-hour gathering (1st Thursday evening of the month) and approximately 2-4 hours of homework/reading each month. Each participant will also be a part of a smaller community, called an SLC Group (Shepherding & Learning Community Group) of 3 to 4 people that will connect once a month (typically an hour or so) via video conference or personal meeting as otherwise planned by the group.

  2. Your attendance is important for you and for others: Unlike a conference or a seminary class, DLI is built around consistent relationship building each and every month. Therefore your attendance at the gatherings is essential not only for you personally, but also for the growth and success of the whole group.

  3. DLI enrollment fee: The cost for participation is $300 for the entire year, which includes conference fees, meals, books, etc, paid in advance of the first gathering. We ask that the participant’s ministry cover $150 of the cost and that the participant cover the remaining $150. We understand that there are sometimes circumstances that prevent this split. And we also understand that for some, the fee of $300 can be such a burden that it might even prevent you from participating. If this is true for you please let us know and we can discuss some alternatives.


Do you feel that DLI might be for you? Please consider applying to be a part of the DLI cohort! Take this time to pray about this important decision.  APPLY HERE.



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