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Our Impact

2011- 2012 Impact

In our inaugural class, The Denver Leadership Initiative (DLI) had a total of 47 community leaders from across the city, who each committed to the one-year long initiative.


During the DLI experience we focus on growing people through the 5 core values (balance, accountability, empowerment, interdependence and leverage).


We asked our participants to rate themselves on how they are living out the core values taught in DLI with a rating of 0-10 (0: not good, 10: very good). Here are the averages of those ratings before having participated in DLI, and after completing the initiative:
























Overall, it became very apparent that DLI was impacting everyone involved in very significant ways! But, the major impact varied from participant to participant. Some of the major themes of impact expressed verbally throughout the initiative, and confirmed through personal evaluations were (not in any particular order):


  • Struggling with deep trust issues. DLI provided a “safe” community to be real, open and encouraged.


  • Was ministering in isolation and needed to connect with the broader body of Christ in Denver, to know I am not alone in my victories and challenges.


  • Needed to address the area of balance, in both personal and professional life and ministry, and evaluate how the lack of balance was truly affecting relationships.


  • Have secured a stronger foundation to operate from personally and professionally; Am more well-rounded and better developed as a leader in both confidence and competence through the initiative!



We asked participants to provide a rating of 0-10 (0: not good, 10: very good) for the different phases of the initiative


Phase                                       Participant Ratings                          


Leading for Life Conference:    8.5


Core Values trainings:              8.5


Learning Communities:            8.5


Breakthrough planning:            7.0


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