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Core Values Program

The Core Values Program is a one year leadership development journey that is grounded in the belief that by investing in leaders within the community, those who have already demonstrated leadership abilities, our city and its people will benefit. It aims to increase the capacity of your ministry as it breaks through to a new level of service to the community. It is not intended to help you improve the mechanics of your ministry. Rather, it is designed to enable you to build a foundation for your ministry and personal life, and to develop a plan that will carry you into the future. To accomplish this we have, four aspects to the program.

Participating in our Core Program provides a pathway to
becoming a stronger and healthier leader.
The four major components are:

Leading for Life

Core Values Principles

Leading For Life (L4L) is a unique learning experience designed specifically for the urban ministry workers, whether paid or volunteer, and is delivered in a 2-day format. Every seasoned leader will tell you that personal growth is an essential requirement for ministry effectiveness and longevity. The primary aims of the training are: 1) To increase your awareness of your unique capabilities and challenges, both personal and ministry-related, 2) To expand your capacity for effective and sustained ministry, 3) To provide you with new tools in areas such as self-assessment, communication, priority-setting and personal change, and 4) To deepen your confidence and fulfillment in ministry and life. The content for this has been developed by the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative and is taught by certified L4L instructors who are established and experienced leaders at the top of their fields.

The DLI participants in these monthly gatherings will focus on the five core values of balance, accountability, interdependence, empowerment and leverage.


We will engage leaders from across the greater Denver area to form a cohort. The cohort will meet throughout the year, attending these monthly 3 hour workshops. Although the participants will meet all together, we will have built in time and opportunities within the meeting for the participants to meet separately with their assigned SLC group (see Shepherd and Learning Communities section) for further learning and dialog. Local DLI alumni will serve as the leaders for these groups. The local alumni will also present the Core Value teachings for these groups.

Shepherding and Learning Community (SLC) Groups

Each DLI participant is part of a smaller group called an SLC group. These groups are made up of 3-4 leaders with the purpose of offering a safe place where they can continue to grow in community. As well the SLI Group an important role in helping each other to continue refining their breakthrough plan as well as provide accountability to begin accomplishing it.


This strategy is also intended to create a pool of leaders that learn together and develop strong relationships, which will strengthen networks and lead to effective leveraging of community resources. It allows the participants an opportunity to develop the momentum and influence needed to sustain more leadership growth opportunities. It is our goal that they will continue to develop and support other emerging leaders from the community in subsequent years of DLI.

Breakthrough Plans

Throughout the year, each participant will develop a “Breakthrough Plan” that will outline how they will implement significant and sustainable change in their personal life and ministry.

With the gentle assistance of your SLC group, each participant is supported and encouraged to follow though on both development and implementation of their personal breakthrough plan.

Early in the year the topic of "breakthrough" is introduced, along with, what an effective plan looks like. Throughout the entire year together you will be supported by DLI as you pursue your plan.Often, leaders express that DLI helped them to finally make needed decisions in their lives and take the needed action steps to see significant change.

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