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Why DLI?

“DLI provides an opportunity for individuals to get an independent/objective (outside of one’s own ministry) perspective on their growth and challenges they face. A different and independent voice in their life. It has helped our staff with the development of personal goals and then moving after those goals. I have observed one of our staff (who went through DLI) saying “yes” to leadership challenges that previously would have felt too insurmountable. DLI is doable, affordable and can be life changing.”
Watch these videos to hear what people are saying about us as well as to see what we have done in the past!
Luis Villarreal
Executive Director
Save Our Youth

United 2012 Healthy Leaders Conference

Our participants hosted a refreshing and life giving  conference in 2012. We had over 150 leaders from all over the front range participate.

L4L Testimonies

Listen to what some of our 2011-2012 participants had to say after their first weekend in the initiative.

Marie Heaton


Dez Gonzales & Renae Brunning Testimonies


Bruce Vlieger



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