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Building Healthy Leaders to Create Healthy Ministries and Healthy Communities

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We are a community of leaders.

Christ followers, who are traveling together.

On our journey, we seek continuous healthy growth.

In turn, we practice, learn and teach these principles:

1. The Core Values of:

  •  Balance

  •  Accountability

  • Empowerment

  • Interdependence

  • Leverage (small shifts that have big impact)

2. Creating space to connect with Christ

3. Building Relationships and creating safe community

4. Leading with humbleness

5. Being and Doing

6. Pursuing breakthrough to be healthier leaders

7. Healthy home life, healthy family

As an initiative we are committed to remaining:

  •  Urban leader and urban ministry focused

  • A grassroots effort (local leadership and team leadership)

  • Staying in step with the Lord's leading (Joshua 3:3-5)

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